Latest bin for Facebook ads 2021

Latest bin for Facebook ads as post main ap ky liy bhot sari bin han jo ky facebook ads run krny mian kam ayn gi ya working bin han or test ki hovi han

Requirements for use Bin

ager ap Nord VPN premume free chey to as link (Nord VPN) pa click kr ky free main lay skty han

bin for Facebook ads

ya nechy kafi bin hain jo ap fb ads ky liy use kr skty han

Bin Facebook Ads USA 25$

Bin : 5392261xxx523xx8

Bin : 530082xxxx358xx7

Bin : 530767xxxxxxxxxx

Bin : 5392241xxxxxxxxx

Bin : 5392248xxxxxxxxx

Bin : 537697xxxxxxxxxx

Bin : 5282298xxxxxxxxx

Bin : 5306925xxxxxxxxx

Bin : 5392261xxx523xx8

Bin : 5282298xxxxxxxxx

Bin : 5392248xxxxxxxxx

Bin : 511365549xxxxxxx

Bin : 444796242674xxxx

Zip : 10080 – 10010 – 10005

 bin Facebook Ads Beazil

BIN : 5267797x0xxxx9xx

BIN : 53133909xx2346xx

BIN : 408438xxxx384xx0

BIN : 3761280xx466xx0


Payment Currency: Brazil (BRL)


Date Birth 03/01/1993

address : park

City : Salvador

State : Bahia

Zip Code : 41500290

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