How to Get Google Ad words Premium Bin Free

google ad words Bin

How to Get google Ad words Premium Bin Free … jo bhai ad words ka account bna ky apni website ya YouTube video and application pa view lana chaty hain

Un ky liy main Ad words Premium Bin Free main laya hn yhan pa bin 24 hourse update hoty rhaty hain

ak bin say ap taqrebin 10-15 tak account ban skty hain . baz daf zada bi ban jaty hain as liy jo phaly bin ko use kry ga us ka account suspend bi ni ho ga or wo apni compain wgra bi run kr sky ga …

How to Make Google ad words account

Google ad word account bany ka triqa simple hay

new account pa click krain

  • Are you a professional marketer? Switch to Expert Mode
  • Create an account without a campaign
  • Confirm your business information country brazil and Currency bi Brazil set krain or submit pa click kr dain [jas country ki bin ho gi woi select krna hy ap ny]
  • summery pa jayn or apni payment set krain ap ko account rady hy
  • ap $ threshold mily ga as screen ko ap 12-15 mint open rhany dain
  • 12-15 mint tk ap ka net connection bi break na ho
  • as ky bad ap phaly youtube ky liy comapin run krain to zada best otherwise ap website ky liy bi compain run kr skty hain INSHALLA AP Ko acha result mily ga

Ya ap as vedio ko dakh kr Ad words bna skty hain

Get Google Ad words Premium Bin Free

Website Link jo ad words account bnany main use hoti hain

Google Ad words Premium Bin

Brazil 539228xxxxxxxxxx 200$

USA 48950403754xxxxx 350$

ya bin Expiry pr forn update ho gi as liy active rhain ya notification bill on kr lain

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  1. bhai jan you are great
    after watching your video of google adword’ i tried and i got success in first attempt
    you are great

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